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Flexicapture is an incredible tool that allows you to grow with customer needs, without  any limit in terms of document type.

Victor S.

Finally an invoice recognition tool which is able to learn  and which can recognize all line items.

Clement A.

Capture is a real lever in business. It avoids typing and therefore makes it possible to measure an accurate ROI. This is the key to quick decision making.

Discover our Capture and Document Management (EDM) solutions

ADDIS Technologies offers you technologies adapted to your needs. Capture that allows the recognition and extraction of data from documents: scanned paper (scanner, MFP copier), paper taken in photo (smartphone) or electronic files. Depending on the document types, we offer scalable solutions, capable of adapting to processing volumes (pages per year or invoices per year).


We support our partners in the implementation and customization (modeling, scripts, developments) of these solutions.

Here are some examples of flows processed with our capture solutions: Supplier invoices, Delivery slips, Purchase orders, Payslips, Gray Cards, Tickets, CERFA Forms, Marketing Questionnaires (personalized surveys), Contracts, Credit Files... 

ABBYY Vantage

ABBYY Flexicapture

Our range of Capture, LAD - RAD solutions

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