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If you have any questions about our offers or any other subject that these sections do not answer, we invite you to send an email to or go to the page contact to ask your question which will be answered as best we can. 

  • How to create an account?
    To create your account, click on login then follow the information. You can create your account using your Google or Facebook account or directly with your email address
  • What is the business of ADDIS Technologies?
    ADDIS Technologies is a value-added distributor for all hardware tools, software... and services for the Digital Transformation of companies.
  • Is it free to have an ADDIS Technologies account?
    Yes creating an account is completely free
  • Who is GDPR compliance software for?
    The use of myDPO GDPR software concerns all companies likely to process personal data. They can be VSEs/SMEs, ETIs or large companies: each company can choose the most suitable offer. Within each structure, all departments are affected by the GDPR. This is why our myDPO GDPR software is not only intended for DPOs but for all employees, whether they are novices or scholars in the field, to manage their regulatory obligations in terms of personal data in a serene way.< /span>
  • What does LAD mean?
    This is Automatic Document Reading, a part that makes up the data capture and extraction phases.
  • What is RAD?
    This is Automatic Document Recognition, a part that makes up the data capture and extraction phases.
  • What is OCR
    OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Technologies that decode characters to be able to use them
  • Do your scanners scan double-sided documents?
    Yes, some ranges of scanners scan double-sided documents. In general, almost all scanners with document feeders scan in duplex automatically
  • What is the scanner warranty?
    Depending on the manufacturers, scanner warranties range from 1 to 3 years. Except for second-hand scanners which have a 6-month warranty. Unless otherwise stipulated, orders are executed in accordance with the standards and specifications of the manufacturer, if any, and with the usual tolerances, in current quality and without regard to the special use for which the buyer intends them.< /p> In any event, the CUSTOMER benefits from the provisions of articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code relating to the legal guarantee and against latent defects. No warranty is due when the defect or deterioration results from poor maintenance, mistreatment of the goods by the CLIENT or events having the characteristics of force majeure as defined in article 5.4 above . SCANADOC can also offer a conventional warranty for the equipment sold. This guarantee relates to certain equipment and is the subject of a special guarantee contract accompanying the equipment sold.
  • How to choose your scanner?
    Important things to consider when choosing a scanner: ​ - The format: do you need to scan A4, A3 formats... the representative volumes should be determined by format. ​ - Scanning speed also indicates how fast your scanner will be able to scan your documents. The technologies used today make it possible to have identical speeds for scans at 300 dpi in color or in black and white. ​ - The size of the charger. A fast scanner can be penalized by the size of its charger. The operator does not have to refeed the scanner at too low a frequency, which leaves him no time to prepare his batches of documents to be scanned. ​ - Daily production. This important information specifies the number of pages that a scanner can support every day. ​ - The scan type. It is possible to scan flat or to make a "u" shaped paper circulation. Depending on the type of documents, the "U" passage is not suitable for all documents. For example, thick or rigid documents (eg new identity cards...) cannot be scanned. ​ - Double detection. A scanner should allow you to certify that all documents are perfectly digitized and that a page has not been duplicated. Double-pass detection thus certifies the reliability of the scanning process. ​ - The price. This information is also essential in your choice of scanner.
  • Is it possible to scan for a few days?
    ADDIS Technologies offers digitization solutions (scanners and software) for periods ranging from a few days to several months.
  • Can you send a scanner for my client?
    ADDIS Technologies offers to ship scanners directly to your customers. A service also allows you to insert your marketing or contractual elements at the time of shipment.
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