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Zeutschel Zeta Comfort

Zeutschel Zeta Comfort

With its multi-award-winning ZETA planetary scanner, Zeutschel is now bringing the advantages of "scanning from above" to modern offices as well. Never before has it been so easy, efficient and environmentally friendly to make digital copies of books, files or balance sheets. The ZETA is a compact scanner, where the documents to be copied are simply placed on a document holder. The object to be copied is not subjected to any mechanical pressure, thermal or light load that harms the paper. The ZETA is silent, produces no heat and requires no consumables.


Product advantages:


⚙️Compact construction

⚙️Functional and revolutionary design

⚙️Easiest start-up thanks to "Plug'n'Scan"

⚙️Comfort in handling

⚙️Independent of surrounding light

⚙️No blinding light for user

⚙️ A touch screen with Multi-Touch technology

⚙️Brilliant color reproduction

⚙️High scanning speed

⚙️Short scanning cycle

⚙️Great depth of field

⚙️High quality data on output

⚙️Preview function to ensure good results

⚙️Follow-Me solutions

⚙️Multilingual User Guide

⚙️Flexible interfaces

⚙️Perfect Book 3.0

⚙️Remote maintenance and administration

⚙️Energy Star compliant energy performance

⚙️Porte document 


Price from, depending on options 


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