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Zeutschel ScanStudio

Zeutschel ScanStudio

Zeutschel ScanStudio

Zeutschel ScanStudio combines the best of two worlds – the world of studio photography with that of professional scanners.

The result is a scanning system that redefines flexibility and security for the future, that will meet the highest demands on image quality, that works productively and with excellent results while being easy to use.

Zeutschel ScanStudio is the result of a collaboration between two world leaders: Zeutschel – for planetary scanners and PhaseOne – for digital backs.

Zeutschel ScanStudio includes a camera system with digital back, a highly reliable precision shutter (MTBF > 3 Mio), interchangeable lenses and LED lighting with flexible light guidance. All image components are integrated into a solid, modular and scalable base unit.


With its completely modular design, Zeutschel ScanStudio offers the user a flexibility never before achieved. If the requirements increase or if new tasks are added, the system can evolve and be updated at any time.

The scalable system concept manifests itself in interchangeable lenses with interchangeable digital backs with a resolution of up to 100 megapixels as well as in a large number of briefcase systems. For example, a table with transmitted light, supports for the most common image formats, book rack scales as well as document racks for originals larger than A1. The system will also allow in the future to be equipped with higher resolution digital backs.


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