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Zeutschel OT 180 H 35 XL

Zeutschel OT 180 H 35 XL

The OT 180 H 35 XL book rack is a motorized book rack with automatically opening glass plate:


⚙️With automatic book holder

⚙️Self-opening glass plate with adjustable opening angle (110°)

⚙️ Legroom for comfortable working

⚙️  Foot switch triggering two speeds

⚙️ Infinitely adjustable pressure against the glass plate

⚙️  Scale trays are adjustable and self-balancing

⚙️  Great simplicity to turn the big pages

⚙️  Automatic descent of trays after shooting

⚙️ Thanks to the open edges, the work to be scanned can be larger than the support surface


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