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Zeutschel OS Q

Zeutschel OS Q

OS Q scanners produce image quality that meets the most stringent requirements of ISO 19264, Metamorfoze and FADGI scanning standards.

The unique image quality of OS Q is based on the perfect interaction of the latest generation technical components.
The scanning system is equipped with a state-of-the-art Giga pixel camera with a large CMOS sensor.
The camera is characterized by a high dynamic range and the reproduction of the finest gradations. The results are crisp, low-noise, high-contrast images that reproduce even the finest details.

The OS Q book scanner features true scanning parallel to the document, in both directions. The camera link interface offers fast data transfer from camera to PC. Another quality element is the lighting system with the latest LED technology, which ensures uniform brightness over the entire scanning range. Combined with a special lighting system, the OS Q enables glare- and shadow-free reproduction, even of difficult originals.
This avoids reflections on glossy surfaces or shadows in the book gutter.

Zeutschel book rack systems can also be used with the new OS Q book scanner. self-balancing book support trays and semi-automatic work.

The OS Q book scanner is designed as a modular and flexible scanning system. As requirements and tasks grow, the system can be expanded and updated at any time.

This concerns, for example, the digitization of smaller formats in high resolution. An optional optical zoom is available for this purpose, as well as a macro lens and especially for scanning small format originals.

The OS Q scanner is available from A2 to A0 size.


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