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Zeutschel OS A

Zeutschel OS A

Imagine being able to digitize diverse collections with a single device without having to compromise on quality. The OS A was developed precisely for the demands of perfection and practicality. Our latest generation aerial scanner is based on a unique approach that delivers consistently brilliant results.

The Zeutschel OS A scanner: image capture with selected digital cameras of the semi-professional and professional class.
Scan heterogeneous collections in consistently high image quality with maximum productivity and flexibility.

The secret to perfection: our scanning software.

The heart of OS A,   is our OmniScan 12 software which calibrates all camera and image parameters, with processing at the push of a button.
This operation makes it possible to optimally define quality parameters such as exposure, color rendering and shading. If project parameters change such as format, light or lens, the user simply triggers automatic system recalibration in the software. This calibration is possible at any time and ensures that you get repeatable and consistent results of the highest quality.

Unique: Automatic quality control in real time

With the OS QM Tool quality analysis software, the operator can check the compliance of the test chart results with the ISO 19264-1 quality image and specifications or relevant guidelines such as Metamorfoze or FADGI. With the object level target, which is placed next to your originals, you have 100% quality assurance, thanks to the interface between the OmniScan software and the OS QM tool.

Key features and benefits include:

⚙️ Selectable and interchangeable semi-professional and professional digital cameras.
⚙️ Adjustable lighting.
⚙️ OmniScan 12 capture software that automatically handles all necessary camera settings and image optimization.
⚙️ Automatic scanner recalibration when project settings change (one-button calibration).
⚙️ Image quality check for every scan in a fraction of a second.


Several versions are available!


⚙️with or without pendulum

⚙️with manual or motorized height adjustment 


Height / width  / depth: 1275 / 2232 / 880 
Weight from 40 kg to 85 kg
Capture speed: 15mm per second 


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