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Zeutschel OS 12002 Advanced Plus

Zeutschel OS 12002 Advanced Plus

OS 12002 Advanced Plus

Digitization with a future. 


Product advantages:


- Automatic systems supporting production: Automatic positioning of the document holder, automatic opening of the window, automatic lowering of the trays after the scan, automatic triggering of the scan. The electronic control of the pressure of the document against the glass, adjustable in 5 steps, protects the document.
- Bookend with removable glass at 90°, automatic opening of the glass after each shot
- Independent of surrounding light
- High processing speed (scanning time of only 1 second per scan)
- Low light load (lighting is only active while shooting)
- No glare, no heat load
- No UV radiationoptimal results
- High productivity
- No glare, even with high gloss originals
- Excellent value
- Bookcase scale with glass plate, 90° hinged, automatic opening of the glass plate after each scanning process


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