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Zeutschel OM 1800

Zeutschel OM 1800

Zeutschel OM 1800 scanner - The high-performance microfilm scanner


Newly developed camera and lighting system for optimal image quality. Scans in true 12-bit grayscale and/or black and white.

Scan speed up to 440 scans per minute.


The most important features and advantages of the product are:


⚙️ Highest optical resolution: 100 - 600 dpi.
⚙️ 12 bit, 12888 pixel camera with 8 – 12 bit output format.
⚙️ Specially developed high performance lenses.
⚙️ Calibrated LED lighting system.
⚙️ Stable film transport.
⚙️ Highest image quality with the best reproduction of gray tones and great depth of field.
⚙️ The smallest fonts and images with the highest reduction factor are reproduced with crystal clarity.
⚙️ Highest OCR quality.
⚙️ Easily switchable 16/35mm roll film.
⚙️ With real-time image optimization functions.
⚙️ Simple and ergonomic operation.
⚙️ Quantum scanning and image processing software.


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