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Universign - API

Universign - API

The Universign electronic signature, electronic seal and timestamp API

Whether it's application development projects or business software, trust services are a must today. Thus, you can simply integrate the Universign API into your business software:


  • CRM : integrate the Universign electronic signature API and have your quotes and commercial proposals signed directly from your CRM
  • ERP : cache and timestamp your transactions to guarantee their integrity and automate your workflows
  • Contract Management : manage, sign and centralize all your contracts within a single platform
  • HRIS : sign promises of employment and employment contracts remotely or dematerialize the processing of expense reports thanks to our electronic stamp


the Universign electronic signature API is easy and quick to integrate


Universign web services are efficient, simple and documented. They allow you to quickly integrate our trusted services with all your applications, websites and business software seamlessly.


The Universign API has been designed to meet the needs of developers and allow them to save time and convenience. Thus, most projects using the Universign API are in production in just a few man days. Find out how your team can implement the Universign API by requesting our documentation.


Join the thousands of companies already using the Universign  electronic signature!

  • Trust Service Provider qualified according to the European eIDAS regulation
  • Complies with GDPR requirements
  • Winner of visas issued by ANSSI
  • Electronic signatures recognized by Adobe Acrobat Reader