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Fujitsu SP-1120N

Fujitsu SP-1120N

The SP-1120N is capable of handling an average of up to 3000 pages per day, thanks to its output speed of 20 ppm, its ADF capacity of 50 A4 sheets. This scanner is equipped with multi-ultrasound detection.

Companies are still discovering the immense interest of paper dematerialization. More efficient, these digital processes reduce costs and improve productivity, while making the most of the information to which they have access. This progression of organizational intelligence is the starting point for a profound transformation of the company.

The second generation of SP Series scanners are specially designed to meet essential scanning needs for businesses on a tight budget or just starting to structure their scanning processes:

  • Capture automation: just one button to scan, extract and distribute
  • Streamline operations: captured data is easily integrated into business workflows
  • Profile creation: generation of indexed PDF documents, as well as editable Word, Excel or PowerPoint files
  • Architecture optimization: each scanner connected to the network can be controlled from any PC

PaperStream software provides users with an optimal capture experience delivered by the quality and reliability of advanced Fujitsu technologies.

Integration, automation and rationalization
TWAIN or ISIS compatibility allows users to integrate scanned data directly into workflows with the simplicity of PaperStream Capture. The Fujitsu SP1120N streamlines processes and improves throughput by implementing pre-configured scan, retrieve and broadcast routines. Once the configurations are established, one click is enough.

Automatic profile selection
When the system recognizes a known document format, it automatically names, sorts and distributes the scanned images and extracted metadata according to previously defined parameters (for example, systematically send invoices to the financial department by showing supplier and order number in the file name).

Automatic image cleaning
PaperStream IP's advanced technology automatically processes and cleans images for downstream processes, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), delivering reliable results and a good image quality even from dirty, wrinkled or scrambled documents .

Flexibility and adapt