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Panasonic KV-S5046H

Panasonic KV-S5046H

KV-S5046H Document Scanner | 80 ppm / 160 ipm

The KV-S5046H departmental scanner can scan up to 80 pages per minute and automatically detect errors, using built-in hardware for image processing.

Now there's an instinctive way to scan, store and process images that enables you to do more in less time.
Panasonic KV-S5046H scanners feature a built-in CPU that processes images by adjusting sharpness and contrast to detect image quality errors
- creating the finest digital images possible. Conventional scanners rely on PC-based software to perform all image processing tasks, slowing performance and impeding workflow. B y dedicating an on-board processor to a single purpose, the KV-S5046H scanners work faster - ushering in a new era inhigh-speed scanning.

You'll never have to rescan again

Tired of having to rescan an entire document because of image quality issues? The KV-S5046H temporarily store the high-resolution raw data in the scanner memory until the document is exported as a file. If changes are required - whether on one page or hundreds
- you can make them and reprocess the entire document from memory instead of having to rescan all the pages.

See image quality before you export

KV-S5046H let you control the quality of your final scan with nine different scanning options before you output to file. Auto Preview enables you to choose the best image quality as documents are being scanned and processes it with a single click. No more test scanning or rescanning and adjusting image quality settings to achieve the best image possible.

We'll flag you if we see a problem

No one wants a document with image problems that went undetected. That's why the KV-S5046H Auto Error Detection constantly monitors scanned image quality for poor images and blank pages. It then generates a warning for each questionable page and suggests corrections. You can easily review hundreds of suspicious pages at a time, and if necessary, reprocess a single image with a few quick clicks.

Set and forget - the easiest scanning yet

You've got a lot of things to do besides standing over a scanner.
So the KV-S5046H feature a 300-sheet document feeder, active double-feed roller system, ultrasonic double-feed detection and stapled document detection and mechanical deskew.
Problems like stuck sheets, dog-eared pages and sticky notes are detected so the issue is resolved without wasted time or trouble. That means you can start a job and not worry about it.
And you can automate document management with a custom workflow you can program so distribution has never been easier.

Less maintenance, less downtime, fewer delays

Scanning large documents on a regular basis means you want reliable equipment that doesn't require a lot of maintenance.
With commercial-grade rollers and self-cleaning features, that neutralizes electrical charges from the paper feed area to prevent dust from accumulating, the KV-S5046H scanners can handle your biggest jobs.

Professional-grade scanning solutions from the world's imaging specialists

As a worldwide leader in imaging technology, Panasonic has earned its reputation for the highest quality and reliability. Our KV-S5046H scanners are engineered to process thousands of documents day in and day out. You can count on Panasonic for the highest level of performance and unmatched dependability.

Professional grade scanners that outperform the competition

High-speed scanning for faster processing, filing and distribution
80 ppm / 160 ipm (KV-S5046H)
A4 / Letter, Landscape, 200/300 dpi, Binary / Color

Highly reliable paper feed and double feed detection mean less downtime

300-sheet High-capacity ADF

Ultrasonic Double-feed Detection

Active Double-feed Roller System

Dog-ear Detection

Fast one-touch scanning / distribution

Send scanned images to a registered destination with a single touch

Key Features

  • High Speed Color Duplex Scanner With ADF
  • On-board image processing
  • 300-page automatic document feeder
  • Up to 600 dpi optical scanning resolution
  • Auto Rescan technology
  • Auto Preview
  • USB 3.0 Interface
  • Ultrasonic double-feed, empty, size, jam detection
  • 25,000 documents per day (daily duty cycle)

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