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Panasonic KV-S1028Y

Panasonic KV-S1028Y


The PANASONIC KV-S1028Y network scanner offers all the performance you need.

Your scans are sent directly to your systems. Easily connect to your network through a web browser and send the scan to email, FTP server, SMB folder, SharePoint service, or the cloud.

Save time with PANASONIC KV-S1028Y network scanner with high speed 45 ppm duplex scanning.

The high capacity automatic document feeder (ADF) is ideal for large batches of documents. The reliable paper feed, equipped with simultaneous two-sheet feed detection and one-touch scanning function, helps you minimize downtime.

Multi-document scanning gives you increased flexibility. You can scan passports, embossed cards and long format papers.

Key features of the PANASONIC KV-S1028Y scanner

  • 100 sheet capacity
  • Format A4
  • Resolution: 200/300 dpi
  • Scan speed: 45 ppm
  • One-touch multi-document scanning
  • Intelligent detection of simultaneous swallowing of two documents

Features :

Formats: A4

Scan Speed: Up to 45 ppm

Magazine: 100

Front Back: Yes

Resolution: 200/300 dpi

Guarantee: 3 years


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