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MYDPO Solutions

MYDPO Solutions

  • Drive your GDPR compliance securely
  • Audit your structure
  • Benefit from our Business Intelligence
  • Write and update your records: processing activities, data subject rights requests, security breach
  • Centralize all your documents
  • Establish your PIAs
  • Educate your staff according to their profile
  • Easily create your reports




The "Compliance" module allows you to make un state of compliance  of your company to the GDPR through an in-depth questionnaire ofself evaluation  of your internal processes. myDPO calculates your eight-axis compliance score corresponding to the categories of corporate obligations under the GDPR and guides you towards optimal compliance.

For maximum ease of use, each item in the questionnaire is associated with an explanatory text from popularization of legal and technical concepts  for the protection of personal data.

This module also offers un compliance program  adapted to the results of your assessment, and allows you to monitor its implementation by involving all the personal data processing actors in your company.




The Register module allows you to optimally keep your records of processing activities.


genuine GDPR compliance management tool  business processing operations, the Registry module allows the DPO to create " Purposes », internal standards setting personal data processing rules  within your company for a defined objective. Your employees will only have to follow the existing Purposes to ensure, in the spirit of Privacy by Design, compliance of all their new projects.

In addition, to guide the DPO in the creation of your Purposes, myDPO integrates un complete repository of processing authorized by the CNIL.


Designed for all operational staff, myDPO is above all easy to use. Thus, in addition to un treatment creation form, the Registry module integrates un quiz for newbies to data protection, which allows  all your employees  easily fill in each new processing operation, guided step by step by help texts drawn up by a team of experts.


In order to simplify all aspects of the DPO's daily missions, the Register module also embeds:


  • une sensitivity analysis of treatments  in order to determine the need to perform a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), based on technology de self-learning neural networks;
  • A system ofhistory  of all actions on the Register of processing activities;
  • Des search features  simple and powerful advanced;
  • Several registry exports  for perfect visibility of your company's processing operations;




The Accountability module gives you the possibility to centralize proof of your compliance. myDPO provides your company with un dedicated digital safe, in order to securely host, in France, all the documents necessary to prove the compliance of your processing operations and your procedures. In addition, the Accountability module of myDPO integrates a technology NF Z 42-020 certified, guaranteeing all your scanned documents the same legal value  as your paper originals.




The myDPO Training module is entirely dedicated to the sensitization and at the training  of your employees to the GDPR thanks to functionalities ofe-learning. This module offers des training for all levels of expertise, from the basics of data protection for all your staff to improving the knowledge and practices of your DPO.


myDPO is an ideal compliance tool that also allows you to integrate your own training materials, and integrates un tracking dashboard  completing the training of your employees.



The Governance module integrates all the operational functionalities necessary to comply with European regulations:

  • Management of requests from data subjects;
  • Data Breach Management;
  • PIA;
  • Management of applications, service providers and recipients;
  • Advanced documentation management;
  • Reporting and statistics;
  • Periodic reassessment of compliance.


Monthly rate for a minimum 24-month commitment

    PriceFrom €69.00