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Kodak SceyeX

Kodak SceyeX

The KODAK SceyeX Document Scanner stands out from other scanners because it scans from the top.

The SceyeX is designed to meet specific needs for scanning heterogeneous documents (A4 maxi documents, business cards, receipts, sheets of binders, stapled pages, ...) and finds a very discreet place on a desk thanks to its arm foldable and its very compact design. The user just has to place the document in the laser projection area and the scanner takes a snapshot of the output image in the following formats: Pdf, Jpeg and Tiff.

Boasting an optical resolution of 300 dpi, the Kodak SceyeX scanner performs a range of automatic image processing such as straightening, cropping and many other manual optimizations are possible for a quality image.

The KODAK SceyeX Scanner comes with several software to enhance its functions :

- Sceye-Explorer : scan or organize multi-page documents

- Sceye-Autoscan : batch scan any type of document or even documents coming directly from a file

- Sceye-RACE : insert pages, one by one, using shortcut in common applications

- Sceye-workbench (Mac only): direct access to the document scanner through a native Twain driver for Mac. Scanned images can be instantly stored in searchable PDF format.

To scan a few documents a day in different formats, the SceyeX Kodak is the ideal tool that will be forgotten on a desk or a reception desk.

The SceyeX Kodak comes with a 3-year warranty with early next business day scanner replacement at no additional cost.

Features :

Formats: Business card at 325 x 244 mm

Front Back: Yes

Resolution: 300 dpi

Interface: USB 2.0

Drivers: TWAIN

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Mac (10.6 or later)

Guarantee: 3 years


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