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Kodak i5850

Kodak i5850

Kodak i5850 Scanner

The Kodak i5850 Scanner was created to address the many processing challenges faced by courier services, multinational financial services and insurance companies, industrial companies, government entities and other organizations that are faced with process large volumes of documents containing diverse information.

The Kodak i5850 Scanner offers greater capacity and versatility to meet the more complex requirements of your clients' goals. Image addressing to read patch codes, Intelligent Document Protection (IDP) to protect valuable documents and a post-scan reverse side printer. The Kodak i5850 Scanner is a customizable, intelligent and ergonomic solution that incorporates Kodak Dynamic Flow technology. This advanced digital architecture improves memory allocation and processing speed.

The Kodak i5850 Scanner achieves unlimited volume with a scanning speed of 210 pages / min, a 750-sheet A4 / A3 ADF and ultrasonic double-feed sensor. The Kodak i5850 Scanner is the ultimate production tool.

The Kodak i5850 Scanner has a touchscreen that facilitates interactions with the scanner. Programmable function keys minimize user intervention, saving time and precision on repetitive and complex scanning tasks.

The Kodak i5850 scanner can scan all types of heterogeneous documents up to A3 and even up to 4.8m in long document mode.

The Kodak i5850 Scanner has all the automatic processing functions to improve scan quality, optimize rendering and ensure production continuity: Perfect Page, smear filtering, controlled stacking, color detection, cropping, straightening, deleting blank pages, automatic orientation, ... Thanks to the optional output sorting tray (2 pockets), separation pages, checks, envelopes and other documents are sorted automatically, saving you time and improve the performance of your scanning jobs.

Features :

Formats: A4 / A3

Magazine: 750

Front Back: Yes

Resolution: 600 dpi

Interface: USB 2.0

Daily Production: 1,000,000

Drivers: Twain, ISIS and WIA

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP (32 bit); Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit); Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit); Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Warranty: 1 year

Plus: Perfect Page Technology, Streak Filter, Jogger System, iThresholding, Auto Color Detection, Auto Crop, Aggressive Crop, Straighten, Content Based Blank Page Detection & Removal, Removal


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