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Kodak i4850

Kodak i4850

The new i4x50 series scanners are all about productivity. Their processing speed has been improved, allowing them to process larger volumes. With the Kodak i4850 , flagship of the i4x50 series, additional features such as simple patch counting are now available.

The new enlarged control panel offers a clearer interface for controlling the scanner to improve productivity. With the new " multifeed recovery " technology, it is much easier to manage multiple insertions. Integrated driver-level barcode reading enables recognition and transmission of up to four barcode values per page, directly into enterprise applications.

The Kodak i4850 comes with Alaris Capture Pro Limited Edition software, allowing the scanner to maintain maximum rated speed with essential functions such as automatic orientation, realignment, and straightening.

Intelligent Document Protection (IDP) that detects staples, paper clips, or other blockages that can slow down your scan workflow helps increase efficiency and productivity.

The IDP also monitors the document being scanned, "listening" to the sound of the paper and automatically shutting down the scanner if it is wrinkled, preventing any paper jams and potential damage to the document. Thicker documents such as cardboard files as well as very long documents can be scanned without difficulty thanks to the straight-through paper path. Spend less time loading and adjusting documents, and more time getting work done with controlled stacking technology.

With a speed of 150 pages / min, a 500-sheet A4 / A3 automatic feeder and interactive multiple-insert detection, the Kodak i4850 achieves an average volume of 125,000 pages / day.

Features :

  • Fast and reliable, compact in its class

  • Speed 150 pages / min / A4 / A3 500 sheet automatic feeder

  • New larger control panel, Intelligent document protection, Improved paper feed and integrated barcode reader

  • Plug & Play USB 3.0

  • Alaris Capture Pro Limited Edition Software

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