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IRIScan Mouse Executive 2

IRIScan Mouse Executive 2

A stylish scanner at your fingertips

400 dpi scanning always at your fingertips with this all-in-one mouse-scanner! Click the scan button on the side of the mouse and drag it over a paper document in any direction you want - text and images are displayed directly on the screen. It's as simple as that. When you are not scanning a document, the scanner functions like a normal mouse. Very light, it has an elegant design and glides perfectly on all surfaces. The best of both worlds !

Scanning a wide variety of formats

No more worrying about the dimensions of the documents to be scanned. Letters, books, newspapers, documents, handwritten notes, children's drawings or even architectural plans, IRIScan Mouse digitizes them all ... up to A4 format! All you have to do is drag the mouse over the document, regardless of its dimensions, format and content.

No more re-encoding texts!

After scanning a document, just drag and drop it into Word, Pages, Excel, Numbers, Outlook or any other word processing application. Your scans will be instantly transcribed, ready to be edited.

Best of all, they can be instantly saved as searchable PDF files.

Real-time sharing in the cloud

Turn your personal and business documents into digital data that you can share and access whenever you need, on any mobile device! Now you can share your children's drawings with your family on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr or upload your office documents to Dropbox with just one click. With the mouse, social media and cloud services are always at your fingertips!

Scanning business cards and receipts

IRIScan ™ Mouse is supplied with a special mat for better stability during use. Slide the business card under the clear plastic sheet of the mouse pad to hold it in place when you slide the scanner over it. You can then automatically extract all data from the card with Cardiris ™ software and export your digital contacts to Outlook, Excel, Salesforce, etc.

Support for over 130 languages

The on-board OCR technology is quite simply the best multilingual recognition software available on the market. It recognizes over 130 languages, including Asian languages and Arabic! Your scanned text can also be translated automatically thanks to the direct link to Google Translate available in the software. Language barriers disappear with IRIScan ™ Mouse!

Features :

Resolution: 400 dpi

More: 130 languages recognized

    65,29 €Price

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