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IRIScan Desk 5

IRIScan Desk 5

IRIScan Desk 5, whole book scans and video creation

Thanks to this new camera-scanner, it is possible to scan any type of document or book: contracts, invoices, receipts, plans, newspapers and magazines without having to cut them.

Bound or spiral content can be easily digitized. All you have to do is activate the automatic detection of page changes and convert everything into a Word, Excel or PDF file.

It is now possible to digitize an entire paperback book by placing it under the camera while maintaining its edges. The page is flattened and the fingers are detected and removed from the final image.

The IRIScan Desk 5 can also create video formats thanks to its function which allows to record the progress of an operation or a demonstration. A useful feature for recording web tutorials or live screenings in online courses.

Features :

- Camera resolution: 8MPX

- Scan size: Maximum A4

- OCR languages: 138 languages

- USB powered

- Converted to PDF, Word, Excel

- Document scanning

- Book scanning (Paperback only)

- Multi-camera recording

- Only for windows


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