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Epson Perfection V850 Pro

Epson Perfection V850 Pro

Scanning photos and films


Ideal for helping photography professionals and enthusiasts convert their films and photos into high-quality images


Featuring enhanced High-Pass optics to achieve the highest level of image quality and faster scanning speed, the V850 Pro converts various media and film formats into professional-quality digital images. This high-productivity 6,400 dpi scanner requires virtually no warm-up time. It automatically removes dust and scratches and benefits from two sets of high-quality film holders.


Choice of resolution


The V850 Pro model features a dual-lens system that automatically selects the correct lens, with optical resolution up to 4,800 dpi for opaque photo scanning and 6,400 dpi for scanning with film media.


Variety of digitizable sources


This model scans a range of film formats in sharp focus thanks to improved film holders with greater rigidity and height adjustment. The V850 Pro also supports film sizes up to 8x10 inches when placed directly on the scanner glass.


High productivity


Epson ReadyScan technology features an LED light source with a warm-up time of less than a second for near-instant scanning. With two film holders, you can prepare a second set of originals for scanning while the first is being scanned.


Correcting images


Digital ICE technologies automatically remove imperfections like dust, hair, scratches and fingerprints. Films1 and photos easily find a second lease of life!


Just the right nuances


Enjoy excellent shade reproduction thanks to 4.0 DMax optical density. The V850 Pro can detect the exact tonal range of the original: the brightest and darkest areas of images are accurately reproduced with high-quality detail and dynamic range.


Professional software


The V850 Pro model features Epson Scan, SilverFast SE Plus 8 and i1 Scanner software which provide advanced and professional scanning features.


Main characteristics


Professional-quality scanning Slides, medium format films and prints

Dual lens system Upgrades from 6,400 dpi for slides and films to 4,800 dpi for photos

High productivity One second warm-up time and two sets of film holders

Dynamic Range Accurately reproduces the tonal range and gradations of the original

Removes imperfections Digital ICE technologies correct old films and photos


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