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Eaton Ellipse PRO 1200 FR

Eaton Ellipse PRO 1200 FR

Uninterruptible power supply Eaton Ellipse PRO 1200VA, 750W


This Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) from Eaton is an easy way to ensure that your data and computing devices remain safe and operational during power outages, blackouts and surges. It features an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) display that allows you to quickly check status and measurements, for easy installation and maintenance. The unit is also supplied with EcoControl function sockets which automatically cut power to peripherals if the master is switched off. This can help you achieve up to 20% energy savings in your workplace.


• Can be used to protect data connections such as Ethernet, Internet and telephone lines
• Low-profile design makes it easy to install in any office environment
• Automatically tests the battery to help you plan replacements in advance
• Three-year manufacturer's warranty, including batteries


This inverter works on line interaction technology, which provides higher energy efficiency. It accepts a wide voltage range of 165 to 285 V for complete protection of your workstations, data centers and network equipment.


Technical characteristics :


ModelEllipse PRO
Output voltage230V
Input voltage165 → 285V
Type of mountingRack Mounted, Tower
Number of departures8
KindLine Interactive



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