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Canon DR-M260

Canon DR-M260

The CanonDR-M260 is a robust and powerful document scanner that will accompany you in all your daily scanning tasks.

The CanonDR-M260 delivers ultra-fast scanning with unmatched paper feed performance, image quality and reliability. Compact - with a weight of only 3.6 kg - the Canon DR-M260 favors space saving and can be easily moved, placed on a desk or a reception counter.


Recently developed by Canon, this DR processor also improves the processing and quality of scanned images without requiring the power of an associated computer. It incorporates innovative image processing technology that continuously guarantees superb images further improving optical character recognition (OCR). As a result, every user will be able to take advantage of the speed and reliability of the Canon DR-M260 .

To support businesses facing high scanning volumes, the Canon DR-M260 is equipped with paper feed error detection sensors that instantly spot document shifts caused by a paper jam and stop immediately feed to prevent damage to the originals. And for even more versatility, the Canon Flatbed 101 and 201 are available as an option.

The Canon DR-M260 achieves an average volume of 7,500 pages / day with a scanning speed of 60 pages / min in color, B&W and grayscale, a 90-sheet automatic feeder and a double-feed detector by ultrasound.

Features :

  • Desktop scanner with large control screen

  • Speed 60 pages / min / Auto feeder A4 90 sheets

  • New generation of DR scanner, faster, more reliable and easier to use paper feed

  • Integrated image processing chip

  • Administration software including IWEMC tools and drivers

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