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Canon CR-190i II / CR-190i UV II

Canon CR-190i II / CR-190i UV II

The Canon CR-190i II / CR-190i UV II combines precision, speed and quality of scanning. It is compatible with a wide variety of documents such as envelopes, retail coupons, marketing coupons, checks ... and is ideal for banking services and retail environments.

The ergonomic design of the Canon CR-190i II / CR-190i UV II , with its side access, facilitates operations such as changing the printer cartridge or others and allows, in all situations, to reduce the time of intervention to guarantee maximum productivity.

The innovations on the CR-190i II model compared to its predecessor (CR-180II) relate to:

- Better MICR recognition rate
- No loss of speed when sorting in the exit pockets
- Better image rendering
- A 4-line printer
- Printing possible depending on OCR / MICR reading via development

All of these improvements allow for increased productivity and better use of images and data.

The Canon CR-190i II / CR-190i UV II ensures precise and quality scanning thanks to the simultaneous reading of the MICR and the OCR allowing to perform a complete check of the document validity before removing the original from the circulation. A software development kit (SDK) is also provided for customizing or integrating drivers into proprietary applications.

The Canon CR-190i II / CR-190i UV II offer an average volume of 24,000 checks per day thanks to a speed of 190 checks / min (165 in UV mode), a 250-sheet automatic feeder and a double-feed detector by ultrasound.

Features :

  • Fast and productive check scanner

  • Speed 190 checks / minute (160 in UV mode) / 250 sheet automatic feeder

  • Sorting on 3 exit pockets

  • Image quality for better data exploitation

  • Canon Scanning Utility software and ISIS / TWAIN drivers included
    4.180,00 €Price

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