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Canon CR-120 / CR-120 UV / CR-150 / CR-150N

Canon CR-120 / CR-120 UV / CR-150 / CR-150N

The Canon CR-120 and CR-150 series scanners are compact and fast check scanners that can easily be placed on any counter or office.

In addition to scanning up to 12,000 checks per day at fast speeds of up to 120 and 150 per minute, the Canon CR-120 and CR-150 check scanners also offer useful options such as the magnetic reader for scanning. read bank cards. Both series of scanners use Magnetic Character Recognition (MICR) to read data and also double-sided scanning each check.

Powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software reads characters in the scanned image and verifies them using a unique algorithm to ensure maximum accuracy. Both series of check scanners have a built-in slot for color scanning plastic cards, such as driver's licenses and even embossed bank and credit cards. This means that the teller can quickly verify the identity of customers, and keep proof of checks carried out.

The 2 series of Canon check scanners also incorporate an imprinter which enables quick and easy printing of information on the back of checks as they are scanned. Up to five 60-character lines of text, along with high-quality bitmap images, can be printed in a single pass, with no loss in overall scan speed.

Features :

  • Compact check scanner, ideal for offices

  • Speed 120 checks / minute (150 cpm for CR-150) - 150 sheet automatic feeder

  • Effective character recognition using OCR (optical) and MICR (magnetic ink) technologies

  • Easy to use with its USB 2.0 port and control panel

  • Optional RP10 printer available

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