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Alaris Capture Pro - Group B

Alaris Capture Pro - Group B

Simplify scanning. Automate indexing. Maximize connectivity


Get the most out of your paper documents with Smart Touch, Alaris software
Capture Pro and Capture Pro Limited Edition software.


Quickly convert paper documents into high-quality images. Capture and index critical data and automatically send it to databases, applications and recipients. From office operations to high-volume processing, take advantage of these exceptional capture solutions and save productivity, time and money.


Extract and index with confidence

Avoid extra work after scanning with technologies to control capture quality and accuracy. Kodak Capture Pro's intelligent exception handling immediately identifies missing information (for example, a required signature), while its intelligent quality control automatically flags questionable information for verification.

Ensure process integrity

Capture and share information securely with all your employees. Thanks to its high quality of restitution, the solution provides exact data for your business applications. Share job configurations across the organization to maintain indexing and routing rule compliance. You can even install Kodak Capture Pro software on local workstations and use it without an Internet connection.


Effective separation of documents

Intelligent job selection helps you reduce the time spent manually sorting documents before scanning. Automatically switch between jobs and profiles while scanning large volumes of documents, with reusable separators to split batches and identify them faster.

Automatic routing of information

Send information directly to your ECM (Enterprise Content Management), intranet (SharePoint) or secure FTP servers. Smart barcode scanning also helps automate data extraction and indexing, while getting information to where it's needed quickly and accurately.


Optimized to work together

Kodak Alaris' IN2 Ecosystem is an innovative approach that connects our capture solutions with the scanners or software you already use. Capture Pro is the perfect illustration of this approach, since it works in an integrated way with the scanners of a large number of manufacturers. So you can capitalize on investments already made while adopting new data capture solutions to improve workflows within your business.


Capture Pro Software Options
Kodak Capture Pro is scalable and flexible and can grow with your business. Choose the software version that fits your business, whether scanning a few office documents or performing bulk scanning operations.

Capture Pro Software (limited version)


  • Get productive right out of the box: This software comes bundled with many Kodak Alaris scanners.
  • High productivity thanks to batch scanning
  • Instant upgrade to full Capture Pro software
  • 16 languages available for user interface and 126 languages supported for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Native connectivity with SharePoint


Capture Pro Software (full version)


  • Optimized for high volume operations
  • Quickly converts multiple batches of hard copy documents into high quality images with scan speeds of up to 210 pages per minute
  • Capture and index sensitive data and automatically send it to your databases, business applications and recipients
  • Feed your ECM or Microsoft SharePoint with accurate and reliable information
  • Streamline your workflows and processes
  • Available as a 1 year subscription in addition to existing perpetual license options (not available as a service on Auto Import Edition)

Capture Pro Software (network version)


  • Capture and Process Data Across Your Enterprise
  • Manage multiple capture and indexing stations connected to your network from a single central location
  • Take advantage of remote administration and batch tracking
  • Use automatic import, connect workstations and more

Capture Pro Software (auto import version)


  • Easily import files from a variety of sources, including multifunction printers and shared network folders
  • Enjoy the same image quality, same indexing and transfer capabilities as scanned images with other versions
  • Opt for use in SaaS mode, by installing the solution on servers rather than on your employees' workstations, without requiring the intervention of an operator


Included 1 year maintenance 


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