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Zeutschel ScanStudio honored as Product of the Year

Library users in the U.S. have named Zeutschel ScanStudio Product of the Year at the 2023 Modern Library Awards. This was the first time the award was presented. In addition, the all-in-one digitization system received the Platinum Award for the third year in a row. The Zeutschel zeta self-service scanner also received the Gold Award. The Modern Library Awards are coveted and well-known beyond the USA because practical experience of library users with the products and solutions is the decisive award criterion. Zeutschel and its long-time distribution partner, The Crowley Company, are pleased with the awards, which included three additional Platinum Awards for its digitization services, as well as for the MACH Microfilm Scanner Series and the UScan Universal Film Scanner Series.

Meet the 2023 Honorees:

“The awards are the result of our innovation leadership and long-standing, trusted relationship with our U.S. partner Crowley. The company has been one of the top players in the market for over 40 years. We thank the entire Crowley team for their outstanding commitment,” explains Christian Hohendorf, Zeutschel Vice President.

User judgment is key

The Modern Library Awards (MLA Awards) recognize the best products and services in the library industry. Applications were sent to more than 80,000 librarians in the fall of 2022. Only customers who had previous experience with the product or service were allowed to rate it based on functionality, value and customer support.

Awarded Zeutschel scanners

The Zeutschel ScanStudio is a modular, universal digitization system for libraries, archives and museums that have collections containing a wide variety of media types and originals. With a 100- or 150-megapixel digital back, interchangeable lenses and a variety of copyboard systems, the ScanStudio is suitable for digitizing a wide range of originals – from maps, prints or rare books, to stamps and coins, to photographic materials including films and glass negatives. The image quality achieved meets the highest levels of established digitization standards such as FADGI, Metamorfoze and ISO 19264-1.

The Zeutschel zeta is a self-service scanner for the open access area of libraries. With its simple touchscreen operation and user-friendly operating software, it allows users to quickly and easily make digital copies of books, journals and loose documents. A variety of output options (USB stick, email, network folder, cloud, delivery service) and formats are offered.

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