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What are the advantages of a duplex scanner when it comes to scanning?

Is the digitization of your documents part of the daily life of your professional activity or even of your company? Choosing a duplex scanner can give you a definite productivity advantage. Even several!

SMBs and independent professionals often get lost in technical specs when purchasing technology equipment to improve the efficiency of their business. They throw themselves at the product, facing the unknown, without being 100% certain that these features can help them increase their productivity or make their daily life easier.

When it comes to sorting and storing invoices, tax returns, transactions with suppliers or any other important document, the use of a scanner remains a safe bet in the field of document scanning. Whether dedicated or integrated into a multifunction printer, which allows professionals to save space in their offices, your scanner limits the possible loss or deterioration of the paper medium and contributes to the sustainability of the planet with the prospect of a paperless office.

Say goodbye to the mess and loss of your documents

While the digitization process, hitherto based on Automatic Document Feeders (ADF), consisted of placing the sheet of paper on the machine and turning each document until the job was completed, the democratization of the Duplex scanning has speeded up this type of task, so common and necessary in small businesses, by reducing the time needed by 50%.

If, in the worst case, the multifunction printer does not have an ADF document feeder, but a flatbed scanner with an original glass, the manual work of turning each sheet to scan the two sides is even more important, so the time savings with a dual scanner would be incalculable.

But what exactly is duplex scanning?

Duplex scanning is a procedure in which a scanner scans both sides of a document in a single pass, without the document having to be scanned a second time. This type of digitization reduces working time and greatly facilitates the daily activity of freelance professionals and small businesses.

Using duplex scanners allows users to speed up the scanning process and avoid any paper jams at the ADF, as there is no need to turn the paper over. In addition, these models allow you to scan the entire content of your document, some with data on two sides and some without.

This innovative scanning process relies on dual-sensor duplex document feeders (DADFs), which are distinguished by their ability to scan both sides of a page in a single pass, quickly and reliably.

In summary, when considering the purchase of a multifunction scanner or printer, it is strongly advised to pay particular attention to the technical characteristics that will meet the needs of each company, in order to get the most out of your tool. digitization. For example, the task will not be the same if you have to scan receipts and invoices... or a large volume of documents. In this case, a dedicated scanner is preferable. And if the use of the scanner is occasional, a multifunction printer will be more than enough.

By following these tips, you will save valuable time, whether you are an SME manager or a freelance professional. You can then devote yourself to other tasks that will bring greater value to the company.

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