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US Partner Successful at Modern Library Awards 2024: Zeutschel Overhead Scanners Receive Multiple Awards

Zeutschel and its North American distribution partners, The Crowley Company and ScannX, Inc., are pleased with their successful participation in the Modern Library Awards 2024. In total, Zeutschel and its US partners received six awards, five of them in the highest “Platinum” category. Among them are three overhead scanners and Crowley’s digitization service, extensively utilizing Zeutschel scanning solutions. Microfilm scanners for productive operation and self-service were also recognized. Both devices are part of our product portfolio and can be obtained through Zeutschel.

Christian Hohendorf, one of Zeutschel’s CEOs and owners, comments: “We are proud that our innovative overhead scanners form the core of digital libraries worldwide. The recognition of our distribution partners at the Modern Library Awards in the USA not only confirms the excellence of our products but also the successful partnership with Crowley and ScannX. Congratulations to our outstanding team and partners in the USA.”

Modern Library Awards – Library Users Decide

The Modern Library Awards are based on the judgment and evaluation of library users. Participating companies submit their product and solution proposals each year in fall. The applications are then sent to over 8,000 librarians across the country. Only users with practical experience with the proposed products and solutions are allowed to provide evaluations based on functionality, value for money, and customer support.

Platinum Awards for ScanStudio, OS C2 Comfort, and OS 15000 Comfort

The Zeutschel ScanStudio has been awarded the Platinum Award for the fourth consecutive time. The all-in-one digitization system serves as an overhead scanner and photo studio. The user-friendly and productive system creates images with quality matching the highest levels of common quality standards such as ISO 19264-1, FADGI, and Metamorfoze. It is suitable for a variety of originals, from historically valuable books and newspapers to stamps, coins, films, and glass negatives.

The OS C2 Comfort is designed for everyday work in digitization centers, offering high result reliability and productivity. The OS 15000 Comfort is a multifunctional solution for diverse digitization tasks. With a maximum scan area of A3+ and a high resolution of up to 600 dpi, it can digitize large-format books, documents, and magazines.

Both overhead scanners also utilize the image optimization software Perfect Book. This software smoothes distorted letters in the book fold, straightens misaligned documents, and removes distracting elements such as post-its or fingers visible in the image due to holding the original in place.”

For more than 60 years, Zeutschel GmbH has been making a significant contribution to the digitization and long-term archiving of valuable documents in libraries, archives, as well as in industrial enterprises and public administration through its scanning and microfilm systems. The company is a global leader in overhead scanners. A comprehensive range of software and accompanying services supports libraries and archives in building digital collections on the internet and implementing digital services. Founded in 1961, the company employs around 60 people and is represented in over 100 countries with its products and services. All Zeutschel products are ‘Made in Germany’: The entire manufacturing process and all research and development activities take place at the company’s headquarters in Tübingen-Hirschau.

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