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Turn manual business processes into real savings with Kodak Capture Pro

Smart, flexible capture technology that grows with your business.

In the digital age, paper-based services and processes waste time and money. Whether scanning a hundred or a hundred thousand pages, there are too many manual tasks. Entering data, naming and filing scanned images, and performing a multitude of data checks are all labour-intensive tasks.

Save your employees and your bottom line those costly manual tasks with Kodak Capture Pro Software.

Automatically transform large volumes of scanned data into ready-to-use information. Your business processes will become faster, more accurate and more profitable.

Affordable automation that puts your data to work for you

Scanners capture data locked away in paper documents as images, and Kodak Capture Pro Software frees that data and puts it to work for you. Capture Pro automatically recognizes, extracts and indexes data from scanned images for use in multiple downstream processes. Accelerate business performance with Capture Pro, and automatically deliver critical information across your organization.

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