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Seven Epson scanners rewarded by DataMaster Lab

Seven Epson scanners recognized by DataMaster Lab for their ease of use and superior image quality

Epson has received seven DataMaster Lab 2022 Awards following rigorous testing by independent testing lab DataMaster Lab, recognizing the quality and ease of use of Epson products. The presentation of these awards coincides with the rise of document digitization, supporting hybrid and remote working environments and improving workflows and document security.

Rated for superiority in the areas of “Best Image Quality”, “Best Usability” and “Best User Experience”, Epson products demonstrate that they meet the needs of users and businesses.

The winning scanners are:

Epson DS-360W Best Image Quality / File Size Ratio

Epson DS-730N Best Image Quality / File Size Ratio

Epson DS-32000 Best Image Quality / File Size Ratio

Epson DS-30000 Best Image Quality / File Size Ratio

Epson DS-730N Best user experience

Epson DS-32000 Better usability

Epson DS-30000 Better usability

Wiebke Bird, Epson Europe, said: “We are honored that our products have been recognized by such a respected and rigorous testing laboratory, which verifies the products' commercial value and ease of use in workflows. »

Regarding image quality, Edward Bilson, DataMaster, says, "Most imaging equipment manufacturers offer tools for compressing files, which helps reduce file size (and storage cost). ) by ten, at least. However, going for a lower file format often comes at the cost of image quality. The winners of this award are scanners that produce small pdf files that will be stored inexpensively in the cloud while guaranteeing the value of their content. »

Commenting on the winning products in the “Best User Experience” category, Edward Bilson points out: “The scanners that won this award offer many intuitive features and functions. They also handle the originals very well compared to their competitors who are subjected to the same tests carried out by the independent laboratory DataMaster Lab. Users of these devices will be more productive! »

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