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Optimize your workspace with ScanSnap

With many organizations adopting a permanent hybrid work strategy, it has never been more important to have a productive environment both at home and in the office. Document scanning saves time searching for documents, keeps information easily accessible, and makes it easier to move between offices.

ScanSnap devices are designed to maximize personal productivity, automatically backing up files to preferred cloud destinations, or scanning directly to emails ready for distribution to contacts. Busy individuals and teams can digitize and organize all their documents with a simple, one-touch operation and make them accessible from anywhere.

While opinions on office productivity and working from home can be shared, both environments should facilitate collaboration and be a place of concentration free of distractions.

Aimed at small business owners, small teams and individual hybrid workers, the ScanSnap iX1600 features 40ppm / 80ipm scanning speed and WiFi connectivity offering a fast and easy scanning process. The scanner-headset duo will help customers be more productive by digitizing their workloads, sharing information and collaborating in comfort.

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