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Objective: to get you off the ground

ADDIS Technologies is your Value Added distributor!

Our mission is to help you develop your activities, your sales, your margins... by integrating approaches for Digital Transformation:

  • Security of work environments: antivirus, firewall, inverters, encrypted and encrypted external media...

  • Production equipment: servers, workstations, etc.

  • Digitization: scanners of all formats (books, microforms, documents, plans...) - Zeutschel, Fujitsu, Epson, Kodak, Brother, Canon, Panasonic, Iris...

  • Digitization software: management of digitization equipment (objective of standardizing the technologies used for users but also support, maintenance, etc.),

  • OCR solutions: software for the exploitation and transformation of images or PDF files

  • Recognition software (LAD / RAD): document recognition and data extraction (invoices, orders, gray cards, forms, identity cards, etc.)

  • Document Management: workflow & content management solution

  • Data security: solutions for GDPR compliance

We offer tools that meet the expectations / challenges of Digital Transformation projects. Solutions for which we have multiple success stories to expose. ADDIS Technologies offers tools, software, services that are in line with market demands: on-premise or cloud versions, economic models adapted to all types of customers (liberal professions, very small businesses, SMEs, ETIs, large accounts. ..).

We train and support partners to offer real levers of performance and growth in Digital Transformation.

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