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Eset - The B2C range is evolving

Our multi-platform security solutions for Individuals & VSEs have evolved! To find out more about the new products, we provide you with our new brochure. It will be the ideal medium to share with your customers the essence of the ESET brand, technology and offer.

To better protect against threats


Cybercriminals are looking for confidential information (passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers...), which they can use for illegal purposes (loans, online purchases, resale of data...). A serious crime with serious consequences for the victims.


Ransomware is malicious software that can lock access to a device or encrypt its contents, with the aim of extorting money from you. Cybercriminals promise, with no guarantees of course, to restore access to your machine and affected data once the ransom is paid.


Phishing is a technique of impersonating a person or entity that you trust in order to extract sensitive or personal information from you. This most often takes the form of an email from your bank or other perfectly authentic-looking online service.


Very common for decades (the first known spam dates back to 1978), spam is an email or any type of digital message that you did not request. Often irritating and boring, sometimes dangerous, you have to know how to guard against it.


Intrusion consists of entering your network without authorization in order to take control of it and exploit the files and information stored on your devices. Protect yourself with an effective firewall and additional protections such as protection against Brute Force attacks

Adopt the right reflexes

Use unique, strong and complex passwords

Change the default passwords of the services you access

Use at least 12 characters including lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols

Secure access to your mobile devices and connected objects

Change the default identifiers of your connected objects

Only share access to your Wi-Fi with your loved ones

Beware of suspicious / fraudulent emails

Detect fake emails and file them in your spam folder

If you receive a message containing a link, position the mouse cursor (without clicking) on ​​this link to display the address to which it actually points

Do not distribute your personal information on the Internet

Manage your privacy settings so as not to disclose your private information (banking information, addresses, photos, etc.)

Remember to log out of your account on public computers

Apply updates to your devices and software

In general, version updates bring new features while fixing security vulnerabilities

Download your updates only from official sites

Make regular backups of your data

Remember to test your backups

In the event of loss, theft, breakdown, hacking or destruction of your digital devices, you will lose the data recorded on these media.

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