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Epson launches its first label printers for individuals

Epson launches its first label printers for individuals

These portable, lightweight label printers make designing labels a snap

Epson announces the availability of its first label printers designed for consumers: the LabelWorks LW-C610 and LW-C410. Lightweight, portable and easy to use from a mobile device, creating personalized labels at home or in the office has never been easier.

Epson already has a range of LabelWorks printers for professionals working in industrial environments and warehouses. With these new printers, the company is able to target individuals. Keyboardless and wireless, they allow the user to move freely from room to room to print with a maximum resolution of 360 dpi on the LW-C610 model or 180 dpi on the LW-C140 model in using thermal printing technology.

With a sleek and modern design, the compact printers, which have the format of a small book and weigh only 410 g (LW-C410), connect via Bluetooth 1 and use the new Label Editor mobile application from Epson 2. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, Label Editor offers full label design control and fast, easy, high-quality custom printing. The app is packed with advanced labeling features, including a wide selection of fonts, symbols, frames, and even barcodes or QR codes. This also includes printing images, including hand-drawn ones for an even more personalized touch, as well as printing multiple fonts on a single label and serial numbers from 1 to 99. Font size can be varied from 5 to 20 pt with the option to print in bold, italic or underline, and horizontally or vertically.

50 different ribbons up to 24mm wide for the LabelWorks LW-C610 model and 36 different ribbons up to 18mm wide for the LW-C410 model are available. These ribbons include satin, metallic, matte pastel and colored ribbons to meet a wide range of uses: arts and crafts, organizing your home or office, labeling school supplies, packaging gifts and even DIY. Both LabelWorks printers incorporate an automatic cutter that greatly reduces margin loss, to extend ribbon life and offer high value for money.

Reggie Dubb, Product Manager at Epson Europe, said: “We are delighted to launch Epson's first consumer label printers. These compact wireless printers have a wide range of uses from labeling jars for the kitchen and organizing storage boxes in the garage, to labeling textbooks and school supplies, completing projects or creating beautiful gift wraps,… the possibilities are endless. Plus, with our free, easy-to-use Label Editor app, designing custom labels is a snap. »

The LabelWorks LW-C610 and LW-C410 printers are available for sale now with an RRP of €139.99 and €79.99 respectively.




Large selection of prints and ribbons

50 ribbons from 4 to 24 mm wide

36 ribbons from 4 to 18 mm wide

​Clear print quality

360 DPI

180 DPI

Power supply

36 ribbons from 4 to 18 mm wide

Battery powered


Label Editor

Label Editor


864 g

410 g

1 Bluetooth connectivity only works with Android and iOS devices

2 You can download Label Editor app from App Store and Google Play. Compatible with iOS14.8 or later and Android 8 or later.

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