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Doing More with ABBYY FineReader PDF 16: The PDF Tool for the "Next Standard"

The global PDF software market continues to grow rapidly, growing from approximately $2.2 billion in 2021 to an estimated $3.5 billion by 2026i. Awareness of PDF continues to grow, and it even overtook popular items like the iPhone in Google trends in 2022i. These trends have accelerated over the past few years, marked and impacted by the coronavirus, resulting in faster adoption of best-in-class PDF tools and other technologies for speed and agility, which has enabled many organizations to embark on a digital transformation.

Organizations that adapted quickly became part of what McKinsey calls the “next normal.” This term describes a "post-pandemic generation of companies with a digital-first approach, more agile and flexible in dealing with problems"ii and who have emerged as winners, while other companies face increasing challenges and continue to struggle with their outdated processes that still rely too heavily on paper documents. According to a recent study iii, more than half (56%) of workers continue to print and 50% prefer to scan, even when working from home.

“A little over 80% of workers say that the way they manage documents in their company has not improved significantly during the pandemic. »

Rebecca Miles, Intelligent SME Tech iv

Employees are highly dependent on productivity tools to manage their daily tasks digitally from remote (flexible) locations, especially in small and medium-sized businesses. With many physical offices closing, creating a digital work environment is becoming increasingly important, and empowering employees with the right tools is key to increasing their efficiency.

Be more resilient with the new FineReader PDF

ABBYY FineReader PDF 16 for Windows is the perfect PDF tool to help businesses in this “next standard” phase, providing them with a fast and efficient way to work with PDF and paper documents. FineReader PDF is ideal for organizations with different environments. Multiple deployment options allow more flexibility to meet the requirements of any organization's IT software systems.

"PDF it" replaces "Print it" for considerable savings

The financial benefit of using FineReader PDF to reduce waste is enormous.

“It is estimated that 45% of the paper printed in an office ends up in the trash and that companies spend more than 120 billion dollars a year to print forms that will no longer be used within three months. Gys Kappers, Yahoo! Finance v

Helping to eliminate waste (paper documents) is also beneficial for society as a whole, as the footprint of papermaking is bigger than you might think. Did you know that making each sheet of paper requires 20 liters of water v? Digital transformation plays an important role for a more sustainable future.

Create a more productive workforce

Thanks to FineReader PDF 16, everyday tasks can be done much faster. Automating repetitive document processes builds a smarter, more efficient workforce by eliminating non-value-added steps across the business. The benefits of equipping every employee with a universal PDF tool extend to all industries, from government agencies to legal institutions, banking, healthcare, and more.

New features and improvements for a smoother FineReader PDF experience

Discover the new generation of FineReader PDF! In version 16, our globally loved PDF tool sports a new look and various enhancements, while remaining the familiar tool that our customers know and love.

Use cases for accessibility

The fundamental benefit of using FineReader PDF 16 for accessibility is the outstanding quality of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), especially when converting textbooks and study materials (physical or scanned paper) in accessible digital form, allowing students with dyslexia or visual impairments to gain equal access to educational material, regardless of its original format. Moreover, this PDF tool has many keyboard shortcuts to perform various operations, making it easy for all students to use

Teachers can also prepare open study materials universally in PDF/UA format, allowing access through voice recognition, magnification software, and other assistive technologies.

ABBYY FineReader PDF 16 is the ideal solution to process your PDF documents even better on a daily basis.

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