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Discover the range of ZEUTSCHEL OS Q book scanners

Planetary scanner for scanning large formats in the highest quality. A book scanner specially designed to digitize books quickly, efficiently while preserving their physical integrity.

The unique image quality of the OS HQ is based on the perfect interplay of very high quality technical components.

The camera is characterized by a high dynamic range and the reproduction of the finest gradations. The result: crisp, low-noise, high-contrast images that faithfully reproduce the finest details, all at full resolution up to the maximum native width of the shooting table.

The special light guidance of the LED illumination system, with a constant angle, allows the OS HQ to reproduce even difficult originals without reflections or shadows. Reflections on glossy surfaces or shadows in the book fold are optically corrected. A CRI value of over 97 combined with perfectly matched camera and lighting components results in excellent color reproduction.

The image quality of OS HQ exceeds the requirements of common standards and guidelines, such as ISO 19264-1, Metamorfoze or FADGI, even for formats larger than A0.

The HQ operating system sets the benchmark for high scanning productivity. The OS HQ achieves maximum efficiency in the scanning process through seamless interaction with proven Zeutschel imaging systems for A1+ and/or A0+ formats. Features such as self-opening glass plates, sliding and self-balancing bookplates and an automatic scanning system ensure maximum productivity.

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