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Book scanner rental

Do your customers occasionally require a service that requires equipment?

Do you wish to respond to a call for tenders which provides for a one-off service?

Does your market penetration not allow you to invest in new tools?

ADDIS Technologies offers you the rental of scanning tools.

⚙️ Book scanners, photos, plans, posters, slides,

⚙️ Document scanners,

⚙️ Scanning software,

⚙️ Indexing solutions (manual, semi-automatic, automatic),

⚙️ PC - Servers to control the scanners,

⚙️ Backup solution,

⚙️ Installation, set-up

⚙️ On-site training,

⚙️ User support...

ADDIS Technologies supports its partners on the subjects of digital transformation: scanners, PC & storage, security, OCR, data capture (AI), document management (DMS - ECM)...

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