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Archive digitization: in the highest quality and with maximum care

Many archives are currently digitizing their holdings, such as historical newspapers or sensitive documents. Archive digitization: in the highest quality and with maximum care.

MIK-CENTER GmbH plays an outstanding role in this area. With over 40 years of experience in the digitization of cultural assets, MIK-CENTER GmbH stands for a quality standard that customers can trust. A key component of this recipe for success is the partnership with Zeutschel.

The challenges of digitizing archive materials are manifold. MIK-CENTER GmbH relies on state-of-the-art technology for this task. Overhead scanners “Made in Germany” from Zeutschel are used, in particular the OS C for A2 formats and the OS A1 for large formats.

The use of Zeutschel scanners not only enables high image quality, but also efficient work processes and gentle operation. The OS A1, equipped with a 100 MP digital camera, achieves image quality in accordance with ISO standard 19264-1. The OS C, on the other hand, offers high reliability of results and productivity for daily use in the digitization department.

The Zeutschel OmniScan 12 software is crucial for a smooth process. It guides the scan operator through the entire workflow, from image capture to image output, and supports automated processes with tried-and-tested book cradles and glass plates.

In the world of digitizing archive materials, MIK-CENTER GmbH relies on reliable partners and excellent technology of the latest generation. In this way, they not only create added value for their customers, but also help to preserve historical treasures for the future.

Watch the movie “Digitizing Cultural Heritage at the Highest Level Zeutschel OS A and OS C at MIK-Center in Berlin”

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