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ABBYY introduces new features to its Timeline platform to help businesses...

ABBYY Timeline can identify automation opportunities 80% faster and speed up process re-engineering by 30% to improve employee and customer experience.

Process modeling capabilities ensure that development investments yield the desired results to maintain a competitive advantage.

Task Mining features seamlessly integrate with Process Mining to provide more detailed data on worker activities and more proactive process improvements.

The restructuring of the user experience responds to the evolution of the sector, which moves from process intelligence used by specialized analysts to professional users, in order to allow better productivity and analysis with high added value.

ABBYY, a multinational specialized in Intelligent Process Automation, launches ABBYY Timeline 6.0. With this new release, companies can achieve optimal levels of operational excellence that enhance employee productivity and customer experience while accelerating profitability goals. Recognized as a leader in Process Mining by NelsonHall, ISG, Zinnov, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions and GigaOm, Timeline helps identify automation opportunities and build new, optimized processes up to 80% faster.

“Business leaders today need to be able to quickly identify solutions that enable them to strategically and savvyly reduce unwanted costs while creating opportunities for growth. Timeline provides our clients with actionable operational data , available from a unified platform that encompasses both Task Mining and Process Mining, plus additional predictive analytics from process simulation.Having this real-time data allows executives to focus their intelligent automation efforts on revenue-driving workflows that increase profitability and improve the customer experience." Scott Opitz, CTO/CPO of ABBYY.

ABBYY Timeline is the only integrated platform that integrates Process Mining, Task Mining and Process Simulation. This level of process-level transparency provides insight into how an organization works, how people and data interact within systems, and helps ensure that investments in Intelligent Automation are delivering the desired results. More importantly, managers can determine the impact of processes on customers through real-time performance indicators.

"Process Mining is proving to be an effective tool for organizations looking to optimize their operational efficiency. Combined with Task Mining, managers have a more complete view of how employees impact customer performance. Process simulation is an emerging capability, which will be good at predicting variables across resources that could either drive up unnecessary costs or accelerate performance goals."

Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President for Intelligent Process Automation at IDC.

Timeline is an essential tool for organizations aiming to increase market share and gain competitive advantage. Thanks to this solution, users, whether specialized Six Sigma analysts or operational managers, can more quickly identify flaws in strategic processes such as invoice processing, customer onboarding, calls, digital workflows and any other complex process whose conditions vary widely. IDC confirmed the growing use of Process Mining and reported that it is the fastest growing segment of the Intelligent Process Automation market, with a CAGR of 50.5% between 2022 and 2026 and revenue reaching $3 billion in 2026.

Timeline also enhances Vantage, ABBYY's low-code/no-code Intelligent Document Processing platform. The new Timeline data storage system in ABBYY Vantage brings both Intelligent Processing and Intelligent Document Processing. Combined, they offer more value to customers by giving them a better understanding of their centralized processes, so that they get the most out of the strategic data contained in the documents and ensure that the processes meet expectations and adapt. to changing requirements.

“Working with ABBYY has enabled us to provide our customers with a visualization of business processes like they never have before. Information, sticking points and recommended main paths are visually revealed in a dynamic way. segment by data, process, and user. Which allows us to help our clients become more effective and efficient. We find that Process and Task Mining provide our clients with a significant competitive advantage and better profitability by standardizing and accelerating Intelligent Automation processes." Richard Davis, Partner, Management Consulting, Business and Technology Transformation Team, at RSM.

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