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6-STEP cybersecurity starter guide for SMBs

Computers and the internet bring many benefits to small businesses, but this technology is not without risks. Some risks, like physical theft and natural disasters, can be reduced or controlled through sensible behavior and commonsense precautions. Harder to handle are the cybercrime risks like those posed by criminals who steal information to sell on the black market. 6-STEP cybersecurity starter guide for SMBs.

63% of small/medium businesses experienced a data breach in 2019, according to a Ponemon Institute report. Yet, many proprietors believe they're not vulnerable to cyberattacks due to their small size and limited assets. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

This guide will help you defend your business against cybercrime threats.

Personal information is a common target of criminals. Even the smallest businesses are likely to handle some personal customer or vendor data worth stealing. Another popular target of cyber criminals is account information, including credit card data, bank account numbers, online banking passwords, email accounts, and user credentials for services such as eBay, PayPal and TurboTax. All of these can be sold on the black market to other criminals who

specialize in using the information in a wide range of fraud schemes and scams

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