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Wall Scanner

Wall Scanner

The wall scanner for classrooms and meeting rooms.


Portable A4 fast document scanner, en wall version, can scan photo and document scanners for training.


Connect directly to projector


Main points:


1/2.7 inch high-definition optical zoom lens, 8 million pixels, image resolution 1024*768, 1280*1024, 1920*1080 can be switched ; VGA, HDMI output state frame rate 30 frames @ 1080P, smooth display No trailing, no delay; USB MJPG video output format.


Optical magnification 12 times, digital magnification 10 times, total magnification ≥ 100 times, resolution ≥ 900 lines; > 1 second fast autofocus ;


The text is enlarged, the handwriting is clear, the black and white background is clean and complete, the color reproduction is accurate, and the zoom process screen has no color spots.


It can realize special functions such as black and white color, text image conversion, mirroring, brightness adjustment, image freeze, etc.; built-in auto white balance and brightness adjustment.

Adopt touch function buttons, with no less than 10 function buttons, which can operate cabin function by infrared remote control; RS-232 interface can cooperate with peripherals to open control ;

VGA interface 1 in 1 out, HDMI interface 1 in 1 out, 3.5mm audio 1 in 1 out, RS232 interface 1 group; 3 groups USB interface input and output.


Standby pass-through function : the projector and monitor can also display external VGA and HDMI signal sources without turning on the stage ;


Using pull-out circuit board, easy maintenance, built-in storage box, can be placed remote control, reading pen and other teaching aids;


Full plastic body, corner arc processing, collision prevention, static electricity prevention, built-in anti-theft bolts, chassis mechanical lock;

The lens arm can be rotated in multiple directions and the angle of rotation is supported: horizontal adjustment 180 degrees, vertical adjustment 180 degrees;


The cabin support plate adopts invisible sliding design, which can effectively save space after being folded. the cabin adopts a long life DC12V/2A external power adapter, convenient for connection and replacement ; Adopts super energy-saving, anti-glare and translucent high-brightness LED dual-light three-level dimming design, the auxiliary image effect is obvious.
Software control function :


Booth one-key shortcut function: The control button icon interface is equipped with one-key shortcut software functions such as video booth, quick photo, video recording, teaching of comparison, document management, opening PPT, etc. Each interface of the software has browse and jump function, which is convenient for teachers to quickly switch functions;


In software control mode, the zoom in and out can still achieve optical zoom effect, achieve 1080P high-definition optical pixel restoration, and the display screen is clear ; realize color adjustment, contrast, brightness adjustment, with backlight compensation, the screen can be rotated about 90°;


Dynamic instantaneous rotation and scaling according to a gradient of 1 % can be achieved through a video demonstration of the software :


The video display content can be centered on the mouse point and can be continuously scaled in real-time 1% gradient up to 1000%, and the focus can be automatically adjusted by computer control;


It has the ability to use wireless mouse or pointer on ordinary projection screen to mark whiteboard, explain teaching and video :


It can be freely marked with lines, supports 16-bit color annotation, can be set to transparency, line thickness can be set, a variety of graphics, text, can be saved, saved, c i.e. a simple electronic whiteboard.


With the same multi-screen comparison teaching function:


Support "micro video output" function, display, digitize and record micro video on the same screen for teaching materials and teaching environment. Mark on the whiteboard for comparative education ;


Production of tutorials HD :
Any manual explanation process in the display range or whiteboard explanation process on electronic media can be recorded in high-definition tutorial in AVI format, which can be used as classroom reading or data accumulation of school resources.


Full screen recording of lectures. The PPT explanation process can be recorded, and the explanation process of various software or website content can be recorded and made into an audio tutorial.


Document scanning and management functions: support for creating, deleting, renaming, support for multi-level folders, support for moving images directly with the mouse to change the folder to which belong image files; supporting automatic continuous scanning, the speed can be adjusted; With OCR image text scan and restore function, you can quickly edit image text in WORD document and support picture book and picture group conversion into PDF files with just one click.


With video images directly slipped into the PPT and word teaching, display content can be quickly formed.

    650,00 €Price

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