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Fujitsu fi-65F

Fujitsu fi-65F

FUJITSU Scanner fi-65F

Lightweight and compact, the Fujitsu fi-65F scanner is ideal equipment for retail and consumer environments. It makes it easy to scan small essential documents, such as passports, identity documents, prescriptions, driving licenses, loyalty cards, medical cards, photographs, etc.

The fi-65F scanner can scan an A6 document in one second. Start-up takes only 0.5 seconds. This speed is greatly appreciated by customers who do not have to wait.

The Fujitsu fi-65F improves productivity by enabling hood-less use to scan an image in one second at 200 dpi.

When optimum image quality is required, the Fujitsu fi-65F offers true optical resolution of 600 dpi in 148 x 105 mm format in color, grayscale or black and white. A color scan at 200 dpi takes only 1.7 seconds.

Coverless scanning eliminates the need to open and close the cover for each document. Just place the document on the scanner and press the Scan button!

Automatic alignment and cropping correction functions optimize the quality and dimensions of scanned documents, conserve storage resources, orient scanned documents correctly, regardless of their initial orientation on the scanner.

Features :

Formats: A6

Front Back: No

Resolution: 600 dpi

Interface: USB 2.0

Drivers: Twain and ISIS

Operating Systems: Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP, Windows Server® 2012, Windows Server® 2008

Warranty: 1 year

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    390,00 €Price

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