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Canon DR-X10C

Canon DR-X10C

Demonstration models (less than 1000 scanned pages).

The DR-X10C scanner is equipped with an automatic document feeder with a large capacity of 500 sheets. This feeder can be adjusted according to the volume of the batches of documents to be scanned.


The DR-X10C is an A3 scanner capable of processing 100 pages per minute *, in black and white as well as grayscale or color, with a resolution of 200 or 300 dpi. This incredible productivity is due to the presence of electronic components dedicated to image processing, included on the machine control board. They ensure a large part of the image processing without going through the PC.


The DR-X1 0C proves the breadth of its performance when image quality becomes your prerequisite. It has an optical resolution of 600 dpi and offers many image enhancement features. The DR-X10C even gives you the ability to scan your documents at 300 dpi and convert them to 400 and 600 dpi for simple speed and quality. The DR-X10C also features an exclusive new “dust-free scan” system that consists of automatic fans, cleaning brushes and a dust detection system controlling a correction mechanism. This ensures consistently high quality images and minimizes optical cleanings and calibrations.


For companies or departments that digitize in large quantities, the reliability of their production scanner is essential, as it allows them to focus on activities with higher added value. The DR-X10C has a series of innovative functions that ensure optimum feeding, efficient double detection and detection of stapled documents. The user therefore intervenes very little in the flow of operations, which gives him peace of mind and increased productivity.

Features :

Scanner Type: Document Feeder Scanner

Formats: A3 - A4 - B5 - A5 - B6 - A6 - A8 - business cards

Scanning speed: 130 ppm

Feeder: 500 pages

Front Back: Yes

Daily Production: 60,000 pages / day

Warranty: 3 months


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