Range of book scanners

Posted on2021-02-10
Range of book scanners

Thanks to our book and microfilm scanners, ADDIS Technologies makes an essential contribution to the digitization and the sustainable archiving of valuable documents not only in the field of libraries and archives but also in companies industrial and public administration.

The ZEUTSCHEL brand, distributed exclusively by ADDIS Technologies, is a world leader in the field of book scanners and is at the forefront of those of microfilm cameras and microfilm scanners.

A wide range of software and support services assist libraries and archives in building digital collections on the Internet and in implementing digital services.


Books and manuscripts constitute the cultural memory of humanity and are therefore of inestimable value. However, they are continually threatened by processes of degradation, damage and destruction. The conservation of these precious cultural goods is one of the main tasks of libraries, archives and museums. Librarians and archivists around the world trust the performance and security of our record-keeping systems.


Like libraries, archives are real treasures, but treasures that would be unusable without the important work of trained archivists. Our analog microfilm systems and digital scanner systems have been helping archivists in their work for decades around the world.

Our goal is to be able, thanks to our technique, to make available to researchers, students and all those interested, in the simplest possible way, "digital editions" of these precious objects that are books , maps, manuscripts and other archival documents. We call this “The Future of the Past”.

Service providers

Often faced with digitizing or filming countless stocks, libraries, archives and museums work with service companies that are highly specialized in mass digitization.

We support these businesses with modern, fast and efficient hardware and software solutions. Proven treatment lines that provide the greatest reliability in treatments while minimizing handling times.


Companies are often required by law to keep large archives and important repositories, which in turn constitute mountains of papers and documents.

Our modern zeta-type scanner and copier systems as well as the corresponding software allow documents to be archived in a space-saving and secure manner, and above all, they can be found quickly.

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